Why We Need a Breast Confidence Anthem

When it comes to ladies, there is one universal truth: Every woman is self-conscious about her breasts. Every woman.

I have been listening to pop music at varying rates for years now, and I have noticed a trend, and I can’t decide if it is disturbing or not. That is, there are an awful lot of songs about butts, but not very many about boobs. Where is our busty girl anthem?

Now, many of these butt songs are overly sexualizing and at least a little  mesogonistic. I am not jealous of those. But some are all about loving your body, take for example this year’s hit, All About That Bass. That is a wonderfully fun, feel-good, body confidence dance tune. Why are there no body positive songs about breasts? I have scoured the internet, and I found an insane number of songs praising the derriere, but the closest thing I can find about breasts is Milkshake! That is a great song, but a pitiful boob confidence anthem. I also found some more open ended songs about being okay with having meat on your bones. I love MIKA’s song Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), but I am not quite ready to self-identify as a “big girl.” Then, of course, there are the general anthems about confidence, paired with videos featuring every anxiety under the sun (Christina Aguilera anyone?). But there are no songs about being confident with your breasts whatever their size.

In fact, I noticed a disturbing trend of supposedly body positive songs totally degrading busty ladies. Take for example the video for Stupid Girls.  Pay attention to how the busty women are portrayed.

I get it. P!nk is self-conscious about her breasts (like every other woman!), but that gives her no right to hate on another woman’s body. I am particularly disturbed by the insinuation that there is some correlation between breast size and intelligence, because this is such a common stereotype. And at it’s root, saying busty ladies are dumb is another way of saying that they are only good for sex. The sexual objectification of busty women runs deep.

Busty women are treated like sex objects by everybody. Men, women, it doesn’t matter. Everybody has jumped onto the bandwagon, and this is terrible for young busty girls. Men leer, and women criticize and taunt. And there is no escape because breasts are not a form of expression. Breasts are a body part.

What does it mean if a 16-year-old is seen in a sexual light no matter what she does or how she dresses? It means that at every turn she is punished for being inherently sexy. We live in a world where sexy women are not respected. A girl can be slut shamed regardless of her lifestyle, because a slut is actually a catch-all phrase used to knock a girl off a pedestal.

I have been that girl. I remember walking home from school and having creepy men pull up in their cars trying to pick me up. I remember girls reminding me how saggy my breasts would become, trying to cut me down. I remember being told to cover up because my body was distracting. And nobody was telling me that I was beautiful, or to love my curves! It is a lose-lose situation making breast confidence totally unobtainable!

This is why we need body positive songs about large breasts, and about breasts in general. The world has gotten so in the habit of dehumanizing and objectifying busty women that there is an inability to see us as smart, kind, hard-working women who feel self-conscious sometimes!

But this is the truth! Some ladies think their boobs are too small. Some ladies think theirs are too droopy. And yes, some lovely ladies think their boobs are too big. Every woman feels self conscious about her breasts, and it is high time that someone wrote a song about it!

Ladies, you are beautiful! Your breasts are amazing! It doesn’t matter what your cup size! Your boobs rock! You rock! Don’t hold back!

  2 comments for “Why We Need a Breast Confidence Anthem

  1. December 26, 2014 at 5:03 am

    This was an awesome blog post! I think a lot of people find bustiness to be inherently trashy. But like you said… they’re just a body part. I did a ton of figure drawing in college, and after a while, you see everyone as nothing but lumps of fat and skin, regardless of their age, size, weight, color, or anything else. It’d be great to hear a song for us top-heavy girls that just said, “Hey. You’re fine the way you are!”

  2. February 16, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    This post has really made a difference in my own life. Thank you for the help.

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