Bra Review: Curvy Kate Daily Boost


When I first developed large breasts, it seemed like I could only find tan bras. I felt ugly in all my underwear, and jealous of all my friends. I was so desperate for color! Now, I know where to find pretty bras in my size. I have colored bras, and lacy bras, and bras embroidered with flowers, but every woman still needs a nude bra. I usually hate buying tan bras because they remind me of how I felt when I was younger. There is nothing like an ugly tan bra to drive away all my self-confidence. Luckily, the Daily Boost by Curvy Kate has changed all that because it is a basic nude bra that still makes me feel pretty!


The Daily Boost is a seamed bra, but it is lined with foam to provide the sturdy shape and nipple protection one normally expects from a molded cup T-shirt bra. The seams make the bra more flexible, so it will fit a wider variety of breast shapes. Seamed bras can be bumpy and distracting under fitted shirts, but I haven’t had that problem with the Daily Boost. It is very smooth.

This thing is also super sturdy. When I’m all strapped in, my breasts are incredibly secure. In fact, the only bra that makes my boobs feel more secure is my Panache Sports Bra. Really, I am very impressed. Curvy Kate set out to make an amazing every day bra that would allow busy women to live their lives without worrying about their chests, and I think this was a success!

There is something funny about the shape of the Daily Boost. It isn’t bad, but the shape is unique. The cups just look really huge! When I first saw it I thought “There is no way my breasts are that big!” But they were! It is really just an illusion. The cups are deep, and they cover almost the entire breast. There is also no minimizing going on. Actually, the cups sort of point upwards in a way that provides a lot of extra lift. The Daily Boost really does boost! When I wear this bra under a shirt, it looks like I am wearing a push-up bra, but there is no padding. Those fantastic boobies are 100% natural!

I don’t just like how the Daily Boost looks under my clothes. It is also quite cute. It comes in four colors: White, black, tan, and mocha. Each also has trim along the top in a coordinating color and three little bows. The trim isn’t fancy, and the bows aren’t fussy. This is a very practical bra. Still, it is a very pretty practical bra. It makes me feel confident. And at the end of the day, confidence is what matters most.


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