Big Bra Review: Rosa Faia Scarlett


The Rosa Faia Scarlett spacer bra is currently my favorite item of clothing. I haven’t been so happy about a bra purchase since I bought my first Panache Sports Bra! It is that good!

First off, this is a review of the Rosa Faia Scarlett spacer bra. Rosa Faia makes another bra that is also called Scarlett, so if you do a Google search, you will find information about both bras. I haven’t tried the other one, so I can’t tell you anything about it. If you’ve tried it, l’d love to know what you think!

Rosa Faia is the more “youthful” line of bras made by the company Anita. As a company, Anita makes high quality, if dowdy bras. I think that devotion to quality first, appearance second is still obvious in the Rosa Faia line. They are a little more lacy than the Anita bras, and they come in a few more colors, but at their core, they are decidedly practical. This is something I really appreciate. I find that when many companies try to make pretty bras for large cup sizes, they choose looks over quality. For example, there are tons of Curvy Kate bras that look fabulous, but are miserable to wear.

But enough of that, why do I love this bra so much? It is beautiful without sacrificing function. The first thing I noticed when I saw mine in the store was the color. It is a rich burnt orange color that I have never seen in a lingerie store before. It’s lovely! The purple one is also really nice. I think the lace trim gives it pretty look, and yet, none of it is visible under a fitted shirt. This is an amazing T-shirt bra! Nothing shows.

I don’t usually buy molded cup bras. They tend to fit poorly, but this one is unusually flexible. The material is unusual. It is a breathable mesh that is woven in a way that gives the same padded effect as foam. The cups bend and adjust to the shape of the breasts, and they are pleasantly cool in summer, yet the nipples remain invisible. Magical!

The fit is also incredible. It gives me almost as much support as a sports bra. Not since I was a B cup have my boobs ever felt so secure in my day-to-day bra. I have noticed over the years that I have altered the way I move to reduce bounce. When I walk up and down stairs, I control my movements. I dance side to side, not up and down. When I have the option of chasing a child, I don’t. It makes me a little sad. But this bra has changed that. I work with kids, so I have a lot of opportunities to play. This bra allows me to accept those opportunities. I can play tag! I haven’t played a casual game of tag in years! This bra has made a huge, tangible difference in the way I live my life. I am now so excited about the future!

Have you tried this bra? What do you think?


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