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The Panache Tango is one of the staples of the Panache line, and for good reason. It is super awesome! They makes several variations of this bra (lined, plunge, etc.), but I want to talk about the basic unlined balconette version. Sometime this is referred to as the Panache Tango II, but there doesn’t seem to be any consensus as to why this is. The Panache website doesn’t use this name so I won’t either. But if you are shopping online, you may see it listed with the roman numeral II.

I am so impressed by this bra because it does a bunch of jobs that, at first glance, it doesn’t seem capable of. I am a woman with some very large tracts of land, and I have come to expect pretty bras to be decidedly impractical. I have found it helpful to think of pretty bras like I think of strappy high heels: They were designed primarily for looks, and should be worn for no more than four hours at a time. However, the Panache Tango far exceeds that expectation.

Lets start out by talking about how it looks, because you can see that. The Tango is quite nice to look at. The balconette shape is very flattering. It gives you a lot of cleavage, but not in a way that is overwhelming. I also think that the embroidery is absolutely gorgeous! I like that they are leaves, not flowers. Women get flowers all the time, so leaves a little more special. I chose a picture where the embroidery matches the bra, but there are also versions where the embroidery is in a contrasting color. Mine is brown with pink leaves, and I love it!

What you can’t tell about the Tango from the picture is that this bra is super strong and durable. When I first bought the Tango, I was treating it with extra special care and only wearing it on fancy occasions, but over time I started mixing it in with my every-day bras. And it keeps on going! I was surprised by the level of support I get with the tango. It only has two hook-&-eyes, so the band is thinner than I expect. Also, the balconette shape lifts the breasts in a way that creates a lot of cleavage, but can also feel a little risky. When you are used to full cup bras, the balconette style may give you the sensation that your breasts might fly out of their cups at any moment! But have no fear, your tatas are secure.

The Panache Tango gets it’s strength from it’s unique construction. This bra is unlined and made of a strange mesh material. This stuff is magic! It is see-through, but not at all stretchy. This, along with it’s seamed construction, makes the Tango very flexible. It provides a lot of support while still adjusting to each wearer’s unique breasts. And yet, the cups never stretch out! You heard me, this is a pretty bra that will fit almost everybody’s breasts, and it can survive being worn over and over again. I told you it was magic!

Of course, all magic comes with a price. The tango is a seamed bra with embroidery, so it is not going to be invisible under a skin-tight shirt. I think that, for a seamed bra, it is fairly discreet. I will wear it under a fitted sweater, or maybe a fitted shirt with a distracting pattern. Also, this is a pretty bra, so I am holding it to a different set of expectations. This is not the bra I would wear hiking. This is not even the bra I would wear on a very vigorous shopping trip. I would wear this bra when I am going out dressed to the nines. I would also wear this to an office job on a day when I needed a little pick me up. This thing is magic, but not limitless.

For a pretty balconette bra, I think the Panache Tango is truly exceptional. What is your favorite pretty bra?


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