Hi, I’m Lydia, the Underwire Inquirer. Welcome to my blog!

First things first, I am going to be open about one thing. I have really big breasts. No joke. My tatas are approximately the size of two cantaloupes, and they are about as heavy!  I keep my bosoms strapped to my chest with true marvels of human engineering. My bras are nothing like those dainty things available at Aerie or Victoria’s Secret. My bras are tough! They have a job to do and they won’t take no shit from nobody!

Lydia at 15

Lydia at 15, totally unaware of the terrifying bodily transformation she is about to experience

When I first developed giant boobs, I was really scared and totally confused. None of the women in my family have abnormally large busts. They are all curvy, but not THIS curvy! But my breasts kept growing, and growing, and GROWING! None of my clothes fit, and even if they did, I couldn’t find any bras that could contain my knockers. My mom and I went to the mall and talked to the sales people at every single department store. I even walked my size 8 ass into Layne Bryant and begged for help. In the end, only one store in the whole city carried my size, which is how I started my love-hate relationship with Dillard’s.

Dillards is a great department store, but hip young women rocking large busts are not their main clientele. Most of their bras are either super expensive or super boring. I was regularly forced to choose between a giant ugly contraption that had a little lace on it which cost $60, and a giant ugly contraption in shades of tan, white, or black which cost only $40. Little did I know that I would soon outgrow even those lame options! But the absolute worst thing about developing giant boobs was being unable to run, or dance, move with any real velocity without drawing unwanted attention.

Large bosoms are like the Force: one must learn to control them.

And so, I turned to the internet in search of a hefty sports bra, beginning a long and lonely journey of bra discovery. The internet has changed the world of lingerie for busty women, but the path towards knowledge can be treacherous! Along the way, I learned the art of online bra shopping (mostly through trial and error). I met friends who were struggling towards the same destination. And most importantly, I grew confident in my body!

I am still learning. I have resigned myself to the idea that the quest for bra satisfaction is a life-long journey for me. But now I own sports bras, sexy bras, and even a bikini! I have a lot of useful knowledge in this niche area, and I want to help guide you on your journey. Those cantaloupes, or grapefruits, or watermelons that you are lugging around do not have to be such a burden!  Lets find some lingerie solutions together!

Lydia at 23

Lydia at her current size